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Updates!! Current and ones to come!

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Updates!! Current and ones to come!

Post by Chris on Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:55 pm

Updates!! Current updates and ones to come!!!

Okay here are some updates I'm going to be doing while Soren gets his new computer back!!!

1st) Adding more smiles!

2nd) Creating a arcade for people to play in while waiting for server to come on, or if just bored!

3rd) Adding new crowns and postions such as Active Administrator.

4th) Adding Offline Banner like the Online Banner.

5th) Adding Google Checkout.

6th) Adding for the "Home" page a webs.c o m site one, so that will be better, then just make links to here.

7th) Color the inside of the search box's when you click in them it will turn to different color.

8th) Making it so you got to validate your email adress and active your account before using it (Will have no effect on current members.)

9th) Getting my mom to give me money to make this a .c o m site and add more MB space to the forums.

10th) Able to add comments to peoples profiles like posts, not private messages but everyone can see them.

11th) Adding more Forums and Catigories to help out people!

12th) Make new banner for forums!! (Maybe really like the current one at the moment and I suck at making other ones lol!)

13th) Forums getting their first 1000 posts!!!

14th) If you thank someone message turns blue!

15th) Complete the Html Coding.

16th) Adding defaults for topics like Anouncments, Stickies, and Normal, you can chose if you want on "Topic Icon", located bellow "EDIT POST". (Might not cause kinda looks bad.)

17th) Fix the "IP", the forums are giving everyone many different Ip-Adress's which is weird, so fixing Very Happy

18th) Moving the profile position when you post to the left.

Thats all I can think of for now except new backround for forums.

Another update would be adding effects such as like glow and move and other stuff like that.

NOTE: If theres a strike or a "-" through the words and the words are blue that means it has been added. Or partely through one of the updates I will be adding that means part of the update has happened but not the other part!!

Okay now that's done I'll tell you some updates I have added, I have added as you can see new like the Forums New Post, Forums Old Post, and Locked Topic. Complete new backround and stuff, but trying to make a differnet one. Scroll bar colored!! Words autoed red have been added (Didn't work first time.) Fixed Chat Box (Accedently added something to the "Portal" page that causes that to happen every once in a while, so I fixed that.) Added a few more smilies I believe. Colored the links (If it hasn't been clicked it would be blue if your gonna click it, it will turn red - Gonna probably change those colors soon to better ones Very Happy) Added stuff like New Member, Active Member, Nerd Poster, things like that for the amount of posts you have and it will show a sign (If your staff this wont show.) Added new things to "NAVIGATION" and added signals for them!! Added new FAQ to it, added new rules to the "Accepting" thing when you register. Switched the singals for the stuff like "Home", "Portal", "Calendar", "Gallery", "FAQ", "Search", "Memberlist", "Usergroups", "Profile", "You have no new messages", "You have (Amount of messages in here) new messages", "Log in", "Log out". For me and Soren the "Admin Panel" was switched to "Coding Panel". Added tourniments (Will go on once servers back on and we get people again!!) Made it so each catigorey is seprated. Made Profile pictures able to handel some more MB space. Updated poll to 50 choices maximum you can have! Changed the time between posts down to 15 seconds, (Might change again.) Turned off the "Notify me when a reply is posted" for new members, you can do that yourself by acessing your profile if your already a current member! (That will keep the forums from spamming up your yahoo or whatever email adress's you were using.) Fixed "Report Abuse", no one notified me it wasn't working but I tried and the report didn't get sent through so fixed that. Autoed the size of words to be bigger!! The like "Vote bars" have been also changed. The favicon has been changed (Not really that important, but every detail counts for something!! No matter how big or small!) All new buttons!! Re-arranged what group can moderate what, so it's better. Added under "Who is Online?" An X-Box and Controls for the signal for it, (Cause this is for a private server and private servers are a game and X-Box is a game system I went with that for now.) Chat Box was updated with colors and also autoed the color red! Unfortinitly I can't uncode the @ signal to the crowns atm but I will be able to after everything settles down, or if we go to another forum such as vBulliten, but for that we need donations, (That's the best forums you can get.) When you go to one catigory it will color up to blue. Html has been abled but doesn't fully work, it works like 93% I gotta fix the other 7%, which will happen soon! Html Page was added and if we make a web client I'll be adding that to it!!! Most likely I'll soon be making a Html page our home page when you come into the site. All links were updated for client, some were not before but most were! Updated the "Welcome" message you recieve when you make an account. BBCode is ON Smilies is ON and HTML is ON. (Finally fixed the Html coding.) Fixed "Staff List" on NAVIGATION, before was white box when you were about to click on it and now it's the same as all the others, it's blue and goes red when your about to click it, was like 90% coded before now is 100%. Also on NAVIGATION updated the "Staff List" icon! It's now the Active Administraor sign, you can see it on "Ryan113". Updated Staff List so more accurate now. Added one more catigory and that is "Questions". Deafult 2 added for announcments but not gonna offically activate them like give them signals until there all done. When you quote someone the quote box is now yellow. Activated Ads for guests, all the more reason for them to regester so they don't gotta deal with that!

wm From, Chris! wm

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