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Join the temp. Server!! Need hamachi! Conection is and password is 123 then use the client to connect! Server ip is, Click HERE!

To download Client! It's currently V.1 still coding it and the server! To download hamachi Click HERE


 Welcome to the Server Forums!! Creator of the Server - Soren.

 Coder of the Server is Soren.

 Welcome to the Forums!! Creator of forums - Chris.

 Coder of the Forums is Chris.

 Forums V2 coming out soon, V2 backround coming. Banner V4 coming out soon.

 Server coming back on soon!!

 Welcome to Black-Intensity 508!! Pvp Server!

 Type of forums: Server forums.

 Theme Version: PhpBB3 (Prosilver)

 Changing format to Theme Version: PhpBB2 (Prosilver)

 Need donations to go to vBulliten forums! Donate bellow here! Or click "Paypal" above!



Welcome to the new home

page! If you don't like just tell me on forums, just click the "Forums" button above to get out of here! There's a chat box bellow, I connected it to another chat box I have created. Register is for new members, you don't have to re-register. There's server status and forum status bellow, and Chat Box status to determine if Chris is online in Chat Box.


 Recent Updates

 Added Warning system, it's out of 5. Once you get down to 0 your account will be banned. It will go down if we see you violating anything or if your reported and we find that your in violation of what you were reoprted for. Moderators+ can edit the amount of warnings you have, so respect them! Moderator+ DO NOT ABUSE IT! More information inside forums!!

 New catigorys and forums added!

 New home page!

 New Status updaters added!

 Country flag selecting is now avaliable! Tons of flags for all countrys! Go to your profile, and scroll down and select your countrys flag!

 Added a Time at the bottom of this page and on the "Portal" page on the forums! Tells the northeastern time, where I am located.

 New Banner V3.

 Deleted the Rank "Offical Member", and switched all "Opened Group" to "Closed Group". So you can no longer apply to a group.

 Added another Chat Box on this page.

 New backup forums created by Denzel, click Here to go to them! Then click "Home" to go to the forums, Portal page being created I believe by Denzel.




Scroll down to see pictures and the chat box! Will be adding more pictures when server comes back on!


 Owner is Soren

 Web Master is Chris


Please use no sexual language, videos, or pictures on this web site. Almost all sexual words are censord, still censoring all of them. If you do use any of these languages you will be temperarlly banned. For it can get the forums shut down by forumotion. This is your one and only warning about this rule. If you cannot follow this rule DO NOT ENTER THE SITE! For it would be a waste of your time and our time. Any questions about this rule contact Chris on the forums, or in chat box, or on server.



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Click to chat with me or leave me a message on my chat box.  This will tell you if Chris is online in chat box

Click Here to go to the Portal page. Chat box is located bellow this article of this page! This is the new homepage for now! If you don't like just tell me, I'll be switching back soon anywase! I'm just testing the Html coding, please click the big Here button above to get out of here.

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Click Here to go to the Portal page. Chat Box is located above this page! This is the new Page you will go to when you vist site.






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